About Lakeview School

Our School has 64 pupils and caters for students with Mild General Learning Difficulties and children with ASD. The pupils range in age from 5 years to 18 years. Classes are divided according to age and needs. At 18 years of age pupils graduate and we enjoy hearing the success stories of our graduates. Lakeview School offers a range of programmes which are delivered with a themed approach across the school.

The primary class follow the Aistear Programme and Primary School Curriculum. The Junior Cycle Programme in Lakeview combines Level 1 and 2 of the Level 2 Learning Programme. We also offer Level 3 in Woodwork and Home Economics.

 Our School has an outstanding functional Maths and functional English programme as whole school approach, which aims to equip all of our graduates with life skills.

We work as a whole school to make sure that children are progressing in their learning and experiences as they progress through the school. We hold regular staff, parent teacher and parent association meetings and staff attend numerous training courses to make sure that we are up to date with the most advanced teaching methods and resources available to our pupils.

As we are a relatively small school we have the benefit of each teacher knowing each child and being able to provide the level of attention and care each child in the school needs at all times. Our school is a safe and happy place that we are all very proud to be part of.


Padraic Hughes

Vice Principal

Linda McGuinness

Teaching Staff:

Mark Cooke,  Valerie Robinson, Peter Ruane,  Sandra Madden, Micheal O Conaire,  Aisling Henry, Alison Joyce, Michelle Concannon, Marie Howley, Marty McLoughlin.

Board of Management Members

Chairperson: Eamonn O’Regan

Community Nominee: John Owen Jones
Community Nominee: Michelle Mitchell

Teacher’s Nominee: Linda McGuinness

Parent’s Nominee/Treasurer: Frannie Glynn

Parent’s Nominee: Declan Kelly

Patron’s Nominee: Des Conway

Principal: Padraic Hughes

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