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Birch Class

Birch class has Year 1 and Year 2 students in the senior cycle. Year 2 students are also preparing for transitioning to adult services.

Teacher: Linda McGuinness

SNA: Noreena McDonnell

About the Birch Class

Our aim is to provide a balanced learning environment, in which each student gets a chance to express themselves in a happy, secure, and personally challenging environment. The individual is appreciated and we aim to give them the chance to feel fulfilled. We are committed to promoting a child-centred approach to education where a child’s worth is validated but not measured by academic attainments alone. Planning for individual students in Lakeview, together with a directed Senior Cycle Programme, ensures that these students are offered the best of educational provision at this important stage in their lives. Development of personal and interpersonal skills and independent living skills are the main focus of the Senior Cycle Programme. 

When the student enters Birch class they are entering their final stage in Post-Primary education. We focus on the individual’s strengths and needs and guide students towards their next stage in life. We have had students in the past who go on to courses based in The Galway Technical Institute, The National Learning Network and St Joseph’s Training Centre.

Some students prefer to take shorter courses and move quickly into employment. As senior students we expect the students to focus on what particular path they wish to take and tailor a leaver’s programme which is adaptable to the individual student.

Birch Class uses the senior cycle programme to promote and instil confidence, competence within the individual.  Throughout the senior cycle programme the students engage in class and individual projects which encourage them to work as part of a team and to become the best individual they can be. We put a huge emphasis on the practical. This practicality is a huge pillar of any strand of our curriculum be it Language, Woodwork, Mathematical Applications, Gardening, PE or Cookery.

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