Welcome to Oak Class

There are five students in this class ranging in ages from 13 to 16 years.

About Oak Class

We are working on the Junior Cycle Level 2 curriculum in Willow class. There are five subjects in this curriculum.

These subjects are called Priority Learning Units or PLUs for short

Communicating & Literacy:

In this area, we learn about reading, writing, comprehension as well as listening and responding. We use many different materials including the Headsprout reading programme.


We develop skills in time, money, data, weight and capacity to name a few. We love using the computer to reinforce skills learned. We have spent a long time learning about time and money and we are getting pretty good at it!

Personal Care:

We are learning about Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyles, RSE, Staying safe, Making decisions as well as Recognising Emotions. We sometimes have difficulty in managing our thoughts and emotions and are working on lots of fun ways to be happy and calm.

Living in the Community:

We are learning all about our local community. We go for regular walks and talk about the different amenities near our school. We also practise working in groups by playing board games. This helps us to become good friends.

Preparing for Work:

We learn a lot of important skills for this PLU in Food and Cookery as well as Woodwork. We have learned all about health and safety when using equipment in the kitchen and woodwork room. We also take part in work related activities such as preparing meals in food and cookery or making furniture in Woodwork

We work on these PLUs alongside our standard subjects of Art, Music, Drama, PE, Religion, Computers and Social Skills.

Movement forms part of our daily practice. We use O.T. and physiotherapy programmes which include fine and
gross motor activities. This sets us up for the day and helps us to regulate our sensory needs. We are a busy class!

We really enjoy spending time with our classmates and learning new things.

Moments from Oak Class

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