Welcome to
Willow Class

In Willow Class, the pupils really enjoy working together to on interesting projects, which lead them to attain learning objectives for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Applied programs that they are studying.

About Willow Class

Coming to Willow classroom is a real discovery. In Willow one can feel the mixture of the different talents, intelligence and individualities. There is no time to be bored and although we like repetition, the challenges put to use our amazing minds a bit further.

Some of us are good at Art and putting things together, while others love breaking them down. Some enjoy silence, while others love talking really loud “ Sorry! Is this called SHOUTING ” However, one thing you will notice is our love for routine and structure making our days full of activities that we can anticipate thanks to the schedule.

This happens through our Careers and Teachers help the Students to grow, reminding them always of their objectives and Goals in a positive and caring nature. “I am Learning to………. Moving On To……….and I Can Now…….”

With the Mixture of FUN and WORK we can learn to play and by playing we learn new skills. At the end of our Journey we celebrate all the achievements and learning experiences with our new Friends.

Moments from Willow Class

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