Welcome to Rowan Class

In Rowan class we have eight amazing students. They are between fourteen and sixteen years of age. The majority of our students are completing there level 2 junior cycle while others are now experiencing the senior cycle curriculum. We aim to create a safe, calm and positive environment where pupils can access our curriculum in a creative and meaningful way.

About the Rowan Class

Teacher: Peter Ruane

SNA’s: Dave Audley and Maura Wall

We are committed to promoting a child-centered approach to education where a child’s worth is validated but not measured by academic attainments alone. Planning for individual students in Lakeview, together with a directed Level 2 Junior Cycle, ensures that these students are offered the best of educational provision at this important stage in their lives. Development of personal and interpersonal skills and independent living skills are the main focus of the Junior Cycle Programme.

The level 2 Junior cycle is made up of five subjects know as Priority Learning units or PLU’s for short. These PLU’s include:

Communication & Literacy: In this area we focus on reading and writing as well as speaking and listening. We use many multimedia resources to bring this subject to life. We use novels as a means of accessing this curriculum while also developing key life skills in reading, writing, speaking and gathering information. 

Numeracy: In numeracy we develop skills relating to time, money, weight and distance to name a few. The focus of our numeracy lessons is to learn key numeracy skills and apply these to real life scenarios e.g. shopping trips, reading bus/train timetables.

Personal Care: This subject offers our students the opportunity to develop good personal daily care, healthy eating habits and the ability to manage stress. In this curriculum Rowan class can also learn how to stay safe in the wider community and recognise their own emotions and how to regulate these emotions.

Living in the Community: Rowan class enjoy the opportunity of getting out into their community and exploring the facilities and services which are close by. We learn how to develop good relationships, resolve conflict and how to seek help and advice.

Preparing for Work: Rowan class love the practical nature of this subject and we have a dedicated woodwork and home economics teacher who really bring this subject to life.   


In Rowan class we explore the meaning of well being and all the ways in which we can look after our own wellbeing. We pay a particular focus on staying active, meditation, art and developing our resilience and coping mechanisms. 

Moments from Rowan Class

Rowan Class News

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